Maria Dimov at 84

by Mary Dragnea
(Brampton, ON)

My mother lived many years of her life with the main artery completely blocked without any difficulties, one day she mixed her meds and end up in the hospital, after a few tests, they informed her that she was in need of an urgent open heart surgery, which took place two days later. After a valve replacement and a by pass she had a remarably quick recovery, only thing that took longer to heal was and still is the wound, a tiny incision on her leg, where her vain was retracted from. It is taking long for it to heal due to her age, and it doesn't help the fact that she is taking a small amount of salt in her foods, she just cannot eat otherwise. Mary Dragnea Dimov

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contact number please
by: silvia martin

I am trying to contact the Dimov fmily ( maria & alexi ) for my Mum , MAry Bumbu. the phone numbers that she had are not in service.
Please contact mymother, if you are related. you should have her phone number.
thank you so much!

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