Lucky matter of coincidence

by Chuck
(Parkton MD)

Hi, my name's Chuck and I'm now 48.

Back on 9\10\01 I was in a accident with a neck injury. Not long after the accident my right wrist shut off. They gave me the regular treatment - MRI and nerve conduction. I'm messed up from C1 to C7.

I managed to get my hand working again doing what I do (construction). Then in April of 04 at a gas station a truck came at me - I hit it rather hard with my left hand and took a jump and not long after that that wrist shut off. Here we go with all the tests.

It turns out my right arm was using the other muscle the whole time. I was told not to rearrange myself and it must be carpal tunnel. So we had that procedure. Well I've told them all along that my hands feel like they go to sleep about as fast as I lay down and rest them on my chest. So they gave me the Chiropractic treatment: adjustment, hand wax, electric stimulus, and the Tommy table. This went on for 2 plus years.

They managed to get the hands working close to how they were but weren't making any more progress. Then my mother fell ill and was diagnosed 98% blocked and got a stent. I told my Dr. and he said I should probably get checked. New test yeah, I was on the treadmill 11 min. had nothing but smiles until the next day.

Of course on on the top of a 24' ladder and the Dr. calls "Son you need to see me right away." 11 days later I got 2 stents. I was 90% and 70% blocked.

I came out with my toes tapping and my sleepy hands haven't had a problem since. I guess that's why they call it the practice of medicine.

So now we get the daily plavix and fun doesn't end. Insurance wants the yearly test but only covers 80%. I had to question the local drug store with their yearly renewal policy... I liked it when the bottle had 99 refills.

I'm going on 3 years and still haven't had any numb in the hands.

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You are lucky!
by: Sandra

Hi Chuck,

Thanks for sharing your story. You are incredibly lucky when you think you were probably walking around like a ticking time bomb for a number of years.

Although I don't wish heart disease on anyone, I'm so glad that your mother's experience meant your diagnosis and recovery! How is your mother now?

The meds are a bother, and the costs are annoying...there's no doubt about that...but when you consider the alternative - well all I can say is I'm glad we're still on the right side of the grass. ALIVE!

Keep in touch!

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