Long Time Healing

by Kathryn
(Indianapolis, IN )

I am a 54 year old woman.

I was preparing to have bariatric surgery and even had a date for April 25, 2012 scheduled. While undergoing my preop exam, my EKG was a little "off" and the hospital suggested I tell my family doctor, who sent me to a cardiologist. The cardiologist insisted it was just my weight, even though both of my parents and their siblings and parents have died from heart disease. Even so, the cardiologist sent me for a stress test, and called me a week later to tell me there was a problem - but he "bet me a dollar" it was just my weight. After the catherization, the doctor told me I needed triple bypass the next week.
Everything happened so fast. I was meeting my surgeon, having preop tests and surgery in just a few short days.
After my surgery, my chest wound never healed. It kept opening and getting infected. Instead of sending me to a wound specialist, the heart surgeon opened the top part of my wound and ordered a wound vac for approximately 2 weeks. This lasted 14 weeks. After this I finally went to the wound center, where after 4 visits (5 1/2 months later) was released. Now, I have a permanent hole at the top of my scar that a pencil eraser can fit into, and another hole in my chest, where I had 4 re-opens, right in the center. I can never wear a v-neck, heck, even t-shirts go down to the top of it and it can be seen.
I was discharged yesterday, September 27th by the wound center, and will be released on Tuesdaqy from Home Health. I was out of work for 180 days, and I'm having trouble getting "me" back.
Has anyone else had this kind of experience? How can I deal with this?

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