long term sternum pain

by Kurt
(Los Angeles)

I had a quad 6 months ago at 48 years old and I do feel FANTASTIC! The only real concern for me is the bone pain which I still suffer daily. I had a bad cold that lasted several months after surgery and coughed a lot. I also ended up shoveling a bunch of snow in month 2 and now I am going to the gym everyday and lifting weights and doing an hour of cardio... I could not have done 5 minutes before surgery...I am kind of a hard head that way but I waited along time to be active again and I will enjoy my new health and do everything I can to maintain it.

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Keep it up
by: Brian from North Carolina

Hey. Had my triple a little over a year ago at age 49. I had always exercised a fair amount. Former college jock. But now I'm like you. It's six days a week, EVERY week. No exceptions. And I look forward to it and enjoy it a great deal. Nothing quite like almost dying to get you off your ass, huh?

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