Living with Heart Disease at 50

In 2005, at the age of 44, I had my first event with Coronary Artery Blockage. I was on a business trip in Vancouver and sitting in a restaurant, saying to myself I just didn't feel well. A walk outside and fresh air might help. I returned home the next day as planned, Friday, and progressively through the weekend my discomfort with a tightness in my chest and a strange numbness sensation in my left forearm (near the elbow)drove me to Google Heart Attack symptoms. I finally called my Doctor at 5pm on Sunday evening and was told to go to the Emergency Room. That was the start of my introduction to Heart Disease, my new Cardiologist, and 2 new medicated Stents in my LAD. Following the procedure, I went through depression and bouts with anxiety from feeling mortal for the very first time. I lost 38lbs, gained some back, lost it again, then gained it all back. Six years later, almost 2 weeks ago October 2011, the symptoms in my arm returned and the chest discomfort (no feelings of a mack truck on my chest, just discomfort). By the grace of GOD I didn't deny the problem and hide my head in the sand. I saw my Cardiologist, had a Nuclear Stress Test (results-abnormal)and had another procedure receiving another Stent in my LAD (3 total now). I was scared to death of the thought of by-pass and went through some very anxious times. The Stent procedure is easy but the mental aspect of Life with Heart Disease at age 50 with 2 procedures already, has my mental state in the dumps. Will I see my kids graduate, marry and have children? Do I have to be a Vegan? I'm scared, Help????

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it's tough
by: vader 57

welcome to the club, I had my triple bypass 7 years ago, and has been a roller coaster on the good side, fired twice because of the prejudice against us (upper management position), my actual boss not even know about it, just this monday on er due to chest pain and hbp, fortunately false alarm, turn diabetic 2 months ago, but we are lucky!
yes, still have little kids, but on the other hand, changing my habits afer surgery, exercise, diet and I do not care the small stuff, I am stronger than ever, keep sugar in control, and will fight every day because is not only for us, we need to give an example to our family, that even with all our problems, we are in a lot better position than others, our disease can be controlled, what about diseases with no ope lik als?
so do not dspair, everything will be ok i we have he desire to beat this

by: Anonymous

aw... try to relax a bit... with your keen smartness and knowledge you did all the right things... the only thing you should have done differently was not rely on the internet.. although the articles are good... time is of the most importance in seeking help. so going to the er was the right thing..and having the experience the second time you did the right thing again. try not to be depressed and instead, rejoice that these 2 procedures saved your life. you might never need any more, or you might never need a bypass. so think positive and yes.. you will meet all those goals in life!!

No reason to panic
by: Brian from NC

Hey. We're about the same age. I'm 51. My introduction to coronary artery disease was triple bypass a year and a half ago. I laughingly say stints are for ... sissies. LOL. Seriously, I understand many of your concerns because I have them. I have four children ages 5 to 19. I've had to change my lifestyle in a number of ways and I still get nervous every time I feel a twinge in my chest or arm. And that whole mortality thing? Yes. Quite humbling. But if you personally KNOW or have simply heard of enough people - mostly guys - who found out about their coronary artery disease by falling over dead at about our age? Then you just can't help but feel blessed and fortunate. So I try to respect the work that my docs did and the chance that my God gave and go from there. I wish you well in doing the same, or in doing whatever works for you.

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