Listen to your heart

by Terri's Heart

In November 2011 after ten days of on and off tightness in my chest, eventually landing in my back, I found myself in the ER where they admitted me for observation, EKG was normal and so were my blood tests. Family history of heart issues with both parents and grandparents is what made them cautious. The next day my options were to either have a stress test done at the office on Monday or have an angiogram done this Sunday morning. I opted for the angiogram to be 100% sure because the cardiologist was saying he doubted there'd would be any problems as I have never been a smoker, had normal b/p, was not overweight, and appeared very healthy.

Four ION monorails later, an internal bleed at the catheter sight that had to be addressed with an emergency stent and 11 days in the hospital, I did everything to get myself back in shape to continue my "normal life". I ate the right things, as usual, took the medications as prescribed (fighting through many side effects), and did cardio rehab faithfully. But still I did not have the energy nor the stamina to do three flights of stairs, play tag with the grand girls, or hike the hills that I wanted to on vacation.
Disgusted with still feeling lousy, I called the #1 cardiac center in the United States, made an appt and had another angiogram which showed that three out of the four heart stents had failed and my blood flow was still blocked! Awaiting a call today to schedule by-pass surgery. Not looking back, but looking forward to getting heart healthy again! Listen to your heart, you know what feels right!

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