Life With An Artificial Valve

by Jorge
(Mexico City, Mexico)

Hi my mane is J.luis I had my first open heart surgury when I was 15 years old since then I take walfarin, the doctors said that my problem stared when I was three months old, the cause of my problem was a reomatic feaver he said that this fever damage the heart or the bones, in my case damage my heart´s valves they replace my valves with a mechanical valve at first was really hard for me to adapt my self with the the valve, because at school my friends used to make fun of me because of the clicking sound on my chest they used to call me robbot or other mean name, but with the past of years those things that used to bother me, don´t bother me any more, in 2004 I had a problem with my valve so they had to repleace it again I almost die but the lord gave me another change of living the doctors sayd that I had a trombosis that it was going to be hard for me to make it,I didm´t know about this into I got out of the hospital my mom was the one who told me all the things the doctor had told her, he also told her that I had small chances of making it, and when i sayd small chances i´m talking about 10% only, same thing they told her when I had my first surgery now i´m 30 years old and I feel like if I had reborned twise. Well this is my story I hope you liked it, i also hope that you understand my writting because i´m learning English as my second language

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by: Chris H

I also sound like a watch ticking. Had my aortic valve installed when I was 36. I'm now 46 and hoping to make it another 10 years before I need a replacement. Glad to see you've kept up your good mental health. Keep ticking, it makes life interesting.

An inspiration
by: Sandra

Hi Jorge,
Your story is an inspiration - and a tribute to the human spirit. Thank you for sharing.

Oh, and your English is far better than my Spanish! Way to go!

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