Life TAKE 2

by Steven Murray
(Victoria Australia)

Hi my name is Steve, I am 51 yrs old, married 24yrs with 4 children and 5 grandchildren. Still heaps to live for. So I guess I am saying this had a lot to do with me recovering quickly and coming home just 6 days after a triple by-pass. I kept a positive attitude the whole time and a complete faith in God for protection. I was just too young to go. I like so many others had no idea I had had a heart attack. Woke up in the middle of the night, two nights in a row with an unfamiliar discomfort (no pain) going from my throat to the centre of my chest. This would go away after sitting upright for about 10 minutes. I told my wife (God Bless them) about this and she dragged me reluctantly off to the doctor. I still had it put down to heartburn or something like that. Even the doctor diagnosed some form of panic attack or stress but gave me an ECG just to be on the safe side. An ECG was conducted, the doctor looked at it rather surprised and told me I wasn't going anywhere. The rest is history but I do want to add that the front muscle of my heart was 100% blocked of blood and should have been dead. The surgeon told me that on rare occasion mother nature kicks in and takes over to preserve. On a personal level I would swap the words mother nature with GOD. Anyway never had family heart history, (both parents a very fit 88yrs old) 5 brothers and sisters all healthy and older than me, ate well, kept active but I had smoked for 35yrs. I am now home and have started my quit smoking campaign which I think will be the most difficult part in my recovery. I have tried before but not with the incentive I have now. GOD Bless.

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Keep it up
by: Brian from NC

Hi Steve. I tried my best to die in much the same way you did and at the same age you did about two years ago. Smoked those damn cigarettes for 30 years. Haven't touched one since i finished the last one in the pack as I sat in the hospital parking lot waiting to go in. Triple bypass and eight days later, I went home and have cherished the second chance God gave me ever since. You're an ex-smoker now Steve. Get used to the idea. Best wishes and God bless.

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