Life After Quad By Pass Graft Surgery

by Terry

I was a 51 year old man in perfect health who woke up one morning about 4:30a.m. to what I thought was a mild case of heart burn. As the 30 minutes went by I began to feel a bit more pain even after taking antacid medication, I then proceeded to wake up my wife and found myself in a cold sweet and severe chest pain like someone was punching me! My wife proceeded to take me to the hospital where they also thought a case of mild acid reflux due to the EKG showing that my heart was normal. After laying there suffering severe chest pains for 45 minutes my wife asked why we were just waiting around. A helicopter flew in and picked me up and transported me to a hospital 50 mins away, after they performed sticking a scoped up my groin and unplugging my blood vessels I was immediately prepped and headed into surgery! After 8 1/2 hours I came out from Quad By Pass Graft Surgery alive and a scar down my chest that would mark the memory of that pain the rest of my life. After 6 days in the hospital I was released to go home to start a long journey of recovery. I completed cardio rehab before my 12 weeks. It's been 5 months now and I still struggle with the everyday emotions and worries of why I don't feel normal yet. I am on beta blockers and lowering blood pressure (which I never had high blood pressure to begin with)medications and some of the side effects just leave me feeling real not so great about my self. I felt really good right after surgery like my body was experiencing a whole new blood flow and it felt good. I now feel down and less sexual desire towards my wife, frustration, tired and for a better lack of words not quite center in my thinking. Everyday projects like using a hammer and nail or a screw and drill have become a challenge as I do not remember using them when working in my garage. I get so frustrated like something else is wrong with me but some say that is just normal after surgery! I would like to go back to work but this worries me from not being able to remember what I've done or where I have been, I have become very agitated for no reason and find myself upsetting my family more and more and it so hard to explain to them why this is happening. I plan to follow up with my doctor next week and I hope this helps others who feel this way.

Out of sorts

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