Life after a heart attack

After suffering a eart attack in 1990 my life has never been the same. Prior to this event I was a smoker although ironic as it may seem was on patches trying to kick the habit when I suffered my heart attack. Having said this I sucseeded having never smoked since my heart attack. This you may think is fantastic, one problem, since my heart attack alcholhol as taken the place of the cigarettes see Im so drunk im not even sure how you spell it.

I am married and have been for 36 years with 2 now grown up children, but since my heart attack I find myself slipping more and more into deep depresion along with the dependancy for alchohol.

Once I used to really enyoy christmas and taking holidays with my wife and now even they have faded away out of my enjoyable moments.

I must admit the alchohol problem has played a huge part in this problem. My wife has been a huge rock and support throughout ths period which has now lasted a decade, but now even she as well as I is becoming tired f my depressions.

My wife consttelenly tells me to go and visit a counciller who will help me, I of course resist because truth be known I dont have the guts to take this plunge.

I am at a poimt in my life now where it is sink or swim. I need to do somehing totally new to restore my life before I drown.

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I know your pain
by: Anonymous

Iam 31 and I had 3 hart attacks since sep21 2011 and I to quit smoking since then I have started drinking way to much since that day some times I dont know how I got home iam now seeking help it got to the point I wanted to die my life has changed but I deal with it now yes I still get sad about not being able to be myself but hey I made it though a hart attak I WONT LET THIS KILL ME IAM A FIGHTER AND LOVE LIFE THANK AND KEEP FIGHTING

I care too
by: LaMarr Alexander Smith

Listen, I don't know hoe old your post is, I actually found it looking for heart information and randomly picked this title. For what is worth, here's my response to you:

Listen. Save yourself. Go to therapy. I don't care if you feel you are the biggest chicken shit/scared person in the world. Go. I did. I went to therapy. And my life is better for it.

Yes, I thought it was stupid. Yes, I though I was weak for not solving my problem "on my own". But you know what's interesting? Therapy TAUGHT me HOW to solve my problem ON MY OWN. And there is nothing less manly about seeking help.

Because i sought help, I can now be a Father to my kids. A good husband to my Wife. And handle the blows of day to day living alot better than I used too.

Truth is, I'm experiencing heart problems BECAUSE of past neglect emotionally (stress induced). But I am not giving up. You are not giving up. Pause now and look up the Ph.D of your choice. If you do not wish to leave a medical record, go to your nearest University. Universities with Psych depts. have affordable rates, and the students you recieve counseling from are doctoral student, i.e. they are about to recievve their Ph.D's.

I know about crying out for help. I know about giving up and feeling that all hope is lost.

You know what? All hop is not lost. You are not the only person with problems in the world, you are not the only person going through THIS particular problem right now, you are not alone, and if you just give yourself the chance, just the chance to see that you are worth it....go get help. It is there, waiting for you. No one worth a damn will think any less of you, and I know your family will be grateful to have their Husband and Dad back....and you will be grateful to be back. Give yourself the chance....despite how you are feeling, you are worth it. Give yourself the chance to see it.


don't drown!!
by: Anonymous

this was a very sad post...i must say. but you can keep your head above water!!! nothing is that bad... except the alcohol dependency. if you quit the cigs you CAN quit the booze!!!believe me!!! you survived the heart attack... so try to survive this. nothing in life is worse than death.. and you are killing yourself. please listen to your wife ..she has stood by you all this time... she will stick by you again.
i understand the depression, and hating the holidays.. i hate them too... but that is only once a year.... life is every day... please think about it.
i am a stranger and i care.

a heart attack can be can alcholism.. but you survived the attack and you can survive this too!!

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