I was born with congenital heart disease. Every second child in every two generations of my family gets it. I am obviously the second child. By the time I was six I had already undergone 5 open heart surgeries. I used to not mind having the big scar , until middle school. Everyday at lunch people will come up to me and ask me why I have it, and they wont leave me alone. It became worst when people started figuring out I didn't do PE and when my Mom bought me a medical alert bracelet. I don't tell people I have heart disease for a reason, they treat me differently. It first started off with my teachers they would treat my REALLY differently. I remember on last day of school in first grade my teacher called my mom to come get me because she didn't think I should being doing all the activities. I'm not allowed to do PE or do sports, and when I was eleven some boys in my neighborhood followed me around teasing me that I didn't know how to ride a bike and that their little brother did.

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