by Jill

On monday March 3,2012 I awoke to massive chest pains. I woke my daughter to call an abulance. Upon going to the hospital I was told an immediate double bypass had to be done now. I am only 34yrs. My shocking questions and why still are un clear. I'm home now, but scared of everything. I thought I ate healthy, but yes excersise I wish I had done more. Smoking also I'm sure was a factor. Advice with coping I feel I need to seek out. I was so close to dying and what mark have I left. My love for everyone wants me to do more. I'm pushing so hard, but I am exchausted. THank you

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Good job with the smokes
by: Anonymous

Good for you about quitting the cigarettes. I smoked for 32 years and have been smoke free for just 1 week. I know it is a very hard thing to do.

CABG x4 5-6-2012
by: Anonymous

I just had the CABG x4 on 5-6-2012 and as happy as I am to be alive ( im 44 years old), I just wish I was not so TIRED all of the time. I know I have only been home 3 weeks tommorrow, but I really thought I would feel better than this. I am walking almost every day as far as I can, and I get short of breath often. I guess that is what bothers me most, is why am I still short of breath, I really thought that would be gone, but I guess not yet. I am told it is normal to still be short of breath, 4 weeks post surgery, and 3 at home, but I wish it was not the case. The pain and stiffness is still there, but that is starting to improve. I just wanted to drop a note of how I was feeling so maybe someone else would have something to compare to. I have gone the 30 days w/o cigarrettes, and I am happy about that. Thanks for listening and keep up the good work.

You'll get there
by: Brian from North Carolina

You've been home, what, a few days? Maybe don't push so hard. Forget cigarettes like they never exited. That's the first thing I did. Adjust your diet. Get your exercise even if it's only a nice walk five times a week. Take a cardiac rehab class if your insurance pays for it. It's a great way to get started - and commiserate a bit - with people in similar situations. If nothing else, you won't feel so alone. The longer you survive, the more people you'll meet from "the zipper club." You'll hear about them. Or they will hear about you. You'll get over the shock of the whole experience and start planning for how well you're going to live this second life God has given you. Good luck Jill.

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