Jagged sternum bone after healing 3 years after quadruple bypass surgery

by Glenn
(Greenville, North Carolina 27889)

I was a 68 year old male when I had quadruple bypass surgery.. Luckily I did not have a heart attack and healed without any complications, except for jagged sternum bone after healing. I understand that my sternum has been wired, but cannot find on any of the stories where anyone complained of this problem.I was a marathon runner and triathlete and want to do push ups and other vigorous exercises..Everything I read say this is OK, but sometimes after push ups I feel strange feelings in my sternum. Not pain, but sensitivity..Wanted to share this..


Glenn now living in Thailand

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Sternum Discomfort
by: Anonymous

I had a triple by pass 10 weeks ago. I complained to the doctor about the sensitivity on my chest. I explained that it was like having a bad sunburn that my shirt was rubbing against. He explained that it was the nerve endings from the surgery The condition seems to be less and less

sternum problem two years post op
by: shirley

Hi, I've had an aortic valve replacement, double bypass and a hole in my heart repaired two years ago. About a month ago I was stretching and felt pain just to the left of my scar. Ever since then something does not feel right in my chest and stomach. I had gallbladder out in February, have problem with diarrhea after I eat which I am told will go away, but the stomach area and chest is feeling somewhat "achey". Cardiologist tells me I have a "harsh murmur" and some people need their valves replaced two and three times (but a harsh murmur was heard two weeks after my surgery. My gradient on echo is high also but he said that is probably because they put the largest valve in that they had but for most women it is not enough. I am having shortneses of breath worse walking but then I rotated my mattress washed my walls and I had no problems. I am having more problems then before the first surgery (slight shortness of breath)and there may be an element of anxiety now worrying about the financial ramifications of another surgery and my heart is pounding. I did not feel this crappy before the surgery. I should also tell you that I only did 7 out of 22 rehab appointments because I got dizzy fell and hurt my knee and using the bikes reactivated a back problem (got a pacemaker also), There is probably an element of deconditioning. Anyone have similar problems, any thoughts to this book I just wrote. Thanks for listening

18 months on
by: Anonymous

18 months after a quad CABG at age 64 - my sternum is wired and occasionally sensitive but certainly not painful. A day after my light wight circuit workouts, my chest muscles and sternum area are often a little sore, but it always passes and is, I believe a warning not to push too hard.

I am certainly fitter now than before the surgery and I can do everything that a retiree should expect, no more and no less.

Be reasonable with your exercise, do not ignore the advice given during rehab, and, keep at it!

Yes Glen, me too.
by: Liz in maine

Dear Glenn,
My surgery was a couple of years ago and I've noticed an achy sternum after doing push ups, or chest flies. I don't see a change in the scar or the bone actually moving, but it does feel scary strange. It bothered me last night after mowing the lawn - up hill with a push mover-, and then this morning walking two dogs that wanted to go in two opposite directions. I'll be asking my physician about this.

tingling burny
by: steve

hy all,i am a man of 58 years had heart attack a year ago and bypass carried out ten weeks ago.
glad to see its not just me who gets the numb feeling. sorry for anyone else who goes through it. unless you experience it, it is so hard to explain it.
had surgery ten weeks back, healing well but oh that numb burny feeling is so intense.
i can't bear anything to touch it, i have reverted to (cutting a square of plastic bag) and taping it onto my chest not for my shirts or top to touch me!!!!it acts like sort of a skin and it moulds to me and then protects my chest from tops contacting my numb burny chest !!! at night cant bear no sheet or nothing, although a heated pad does help. - have now had tablets from the gp who says its nerve damage!!! just hope it won't last much longer.
had to cancel the cardiac rehab until this eases or stops.

Chest tingles
by: Brian

Hey Glenn. I'm about 10 months post-triple bypass surgery. Wired sternum. Mine still tingles from time to time. A numb kind of feeling. I've been back lifting weights for about six months. Pretty much returned to pre-surgery levels. Even doing some fairly chest intensive lifts (dumbbell bench presses) and they don't seem to have any effect. The numbness comes and goes and doesn't appear to be related to anything I do.

by: Anonymous

hi glen... gee.. that sounds like a nightmare. so far.. i haven't heard of anyone else suffering this. but it must be painful for you. i'm sorry.

i should consider myself lucky... i have not had any heart attacks, or even major blockages needing treatment. i do have some minor blockages..but nothing will be done for that. i unfortunately do have consistent high blood pressure and high cholesterol problems that i can't seem to get controlled even tho i am on 4 medications for them. i see my cardiologist every 3 months and he is still trying to figure things out. i still have chest discomfort and left arm pain and a very irregular rapid heartbeat most of the time. i wake up with a heartrate of over 110 everyday and that is what bothers me most...the irregular fast beating. i get a weird sensation in the center of my chest and this numbness in my left arm and light headedness. some days my b/p will drop to under 100/70.. but most days it is high..well, the diastolic number is always high. i am just at a point of frustration. i guess i just have to get used to it and keep taking my pills and hope it never gets any worse!!

i wish you good health and hope you get back into your exercise without discomfort.

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