by Jackie
(Cleveland Ohio)

i was 38yrs old when i had my first heart attact and i didnt listen 2 the dr. like a dumming and i stop taking my meds and seeing the drs. and then at 43 i had a massive heart att. at 43 the told me i needed a triple bypass that scared me real bad i never been scared of nothing before and this scared me i been married 4 23yrs and i thought i was going 2 be leaving my wife and family i had my surgery on 5/13/11 and its now 6/4/11 im in so much pain its crazy i dont take my pain pills becouse i dont want 2 get hooked on them sorry im stupid talking like this

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hang in there
by: Brian from North Carolina

Hey Jackie. I had my triple bypass last year at age 49. Hurt like hell for a couple weeks after. Felt like someone had beat me with a bat. I didn't do the pain meds either. But the pain fades. Get up. Walk. Go. Do. A little bit more every day. A year has passed and I'm not the same person. Jog or exercise almost every day. Love life and damn glad to be here. Keep at it. It's early. God bless you.

by: Anonymous

gee jack... sorry you are in so much pain... but that bypass sure was a wake up call. it's only been a month so yes.. you are in pain...but give it time and start listening to your dr!!!! if you need to go to cardiac rehab... do it! you are such a young man with alot to live for. you will get better and feel better and enjoy your family.but the most important thing is for you to start listening to your dr. make lifestyle changes. take your meds and in time you will feel good again. hope that comes soon.

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