It could have been much worse

by Chris

I am 39 years old and had a double bypass of 2 of the coronary arteries. I wasn't in poor health 6ft 206 a little over weight which lead me to believe that was my only problem. I would get a little out of breath with any physical activity. I could take some deep breaths and continue on with whatever I was doing. This was a warning sign my body was giving me and I was ignoring it. I did however start telling coworkers about it and everyone was saying go get checked out it wasn't until mother said please get checked out just for your peace of mind. We both thought it wouldn't be a big deal. The EKG showed nothing unusual but they wanted to do a stress test the next day. I could leave and comeback not knowing when the stress test would be scheduled or be admitted and have it done for sure the next morning. I was reluctant I felt fine most of the time but this year while mowing there was left arm tightness as well so I knew something wasn't right. I stayed in the hospital had stress test done twice and a heart cath and they found blockages in 3 coronary arteries 90% in the one that comes down the front of the heart and 50% one one side and 25% on the other. If I was a smoker I would have been dead already or possibly decided to take up jogging one day I probaly would have collapsed with heart attack. I was lucky I guess up until this point I didn't have the actual attack just the pains. I had surgery May 28th and was released June 1st. Its now been just over 5 weeks still fair amount of pain from time to time. It all normal part of recovery. They were able to use chest arteries instead of veins. I think that has helped with easier to get around but more pain in the chest area. I am looking forward to the 6 weeks check up to hopefully get cleared to work in some fashion need some income. It can happen at anytime just glad each day I got it looked at before I had to expierence a heart attack.

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by: beppy

Hey, I am so proud of you for all you went through and are trying to tell others about it too! Keep it up and get the word out! I copied and paste your story as I too want to spread your word! Keep getting well. Love ya!

Good luck
by: BT from NC

You've been blessed with a second chance. God bless you in finding out what it is and making the most of it.

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