i'm trying to prevent a heart attack or stroke...but....

at the moment, i can't say i have had a heart attack or a stroke... but i am trying to prevent having one. i do have high blood pressure, and high cholesterol but have tried very hard to control them. i have quit smoking after being a smoker for over 35 years. my weight is a little bit over what it should be, but not by much. i am currently on 2 medications for my b/p and a statin for my cholesterol... but unfortunately, my blood pressure is still too high, as are my triglycerides and ldl. i have had these problems for over 10 years now and don't understand why, with lifestyle changes and medications, i still get chest pains, numbness or weakness down my left arm, dizziness, pain down my legs, and a rapid irregular heartbeat!!! my doctor is constantly working very hard with me to make me better...but it is very scary when my b/p skyrockets for no apparent reason. i have had all the "standard" tests...but so far..things have not really improved. does anybody have any suggestions???

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trying to prevent...
by: Anonymous

brian and buckaroo...thanks for your comments... i have quit smoking... it has been 90 days today as a matter of fact!! and i'm doing good with it. so yes, that's one thing i've done. imy cardiologist also told me to WALK...and i do that at least 5 or 6 days a week... i go to a nice peaceful spot around a nearby lake.. and going around it once is just under 1 mile.. and i walk 2x around.. sometimes 3..but some days my legs ache all the way to my feet, or i get some chest discomfort...although not bad...but when i know i've had enough, i stop... my heartrate goes up to about 120 bpm, and my b/p rises to scary levels... and what really concerns me is it doesn't come down after the exercise.. it will stay high all day until the next morning when i take my meds again. then iwithin an hour, it drops real real low where i get very lightheaded. then i will go walk again, and it starts all over!!!
now as for the eating... i have really been doing good staying away from stuff that has high trans fats and cholesterol.. i am not a red meat eater, nor am i a big fan of fish.. so i eat alot of salads, some chicken and vegatables. i know i don't eat right.. i NEVER have.. since childhood. but i don't eat totally bad. just a little bad!!
so basically i'm doing for myself more than alot of people do yet i still have these issues with high b/p and cholesterol..so what is next??

by: buckeroo_2006@yahoo.com

Hello, I just read your post. The problem is that over the years not eatting healthy and smoking as I did caused build up in other areas of your body of saturated fats and cholesterol and clogs tiny veins creating a higher blood pressure. I had posted about being dizzy after my stent was put in on this site. I say this with with all good intentions but taking medicine will not help you if you continue to ingest the saturated fats and cholesterols. I know most food without it tastes like cardboard but you need to live a long time and making yourself follow this rule can be very hard. Find someone to walk with you if you have to. Excercise daily for at least twenty minutes. Nothing exhausting. Remember your heart isn't the only part of your body that can get clogged. I will pray for you and maybe good will come of it. Don't give up the quitting smoking was the best step of all. Take care.

you're doing all you can do
by: Brian

I had virtually none of those symptoms and hadn't even had the will or the courage to quit smoking after 30 years until the night I drove myself to the hospital. Left arm aching. Chest throbbing. Still, I was the most surprised man in the room when they took blood and told me I'd had a heart attack in the past 24 hours. I did not have high cholesterol. I did not have high blood pressure. But I apparently had some hellacious blockages. Two days later they're cutting me open to fix it all up.
Long story short, I don't smoke any more. And my 3-4 days a week of exercise have turned into 6-7 and I eat almost no fried foods and precious little saturated fat and I'm damn glad to be alive and determined to stay that way. You sound like you're doing everything you can possibly do. Heeding the warning signs and changing your lifestyle. You've got to figure that, if you have a heart attack, the things you're doing will help you survive it. Good luck to you and God bless.

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