I am only 32 male, recover from a massive Heart Attack

by Feroj-Al-Mojahid
(Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Nov 3, 2011 I was tired and sleeping after completing some hard work (shifting furnishers to a new home). It was 12:30 am I wake up with a sharp pain in center of my chest with shortness in breath, it stayed for 1 or 2 min. I was confused what is it? I wake up and had my dinner and was thinking why this happened and it started agin after waiting 5 min I told my wife to bring me hospital. A good cardiac Hospital was near to my home, I went there asap. They performed ECG and other test and confirmed AMI. Provided necessary teatment, It was blood clot and 40% stenosis in my LAD's Apex region which causes the massive attack. Now I am fine, sometime I feel breath problem.

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i am 29 year male
by: Anonymous

i'm 29yrs old male, same thing happened to me, i was sleeping and little pain in middle of chest, did some home remedies when there no relief, i plan to go to near by nursing home,i took my father on bike myself and there they done ECG and ask my father to take me to big hospital,i have no medical history ever, i had 1 stent in middle atery

by: Maroof

I am also had a heart attack dont think about it Cause I am just 26 years old. I am confused cause I dont have any tensions but it just happened.. My hearts two side is blocked so i had two rings.........So dont worry bro just chill its nothing but a strange and painfull dream..

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