How can I tell my 16 year old boyfriend I have a scar on my chest?

by Jade
(boca raton,fl)

Well Hello I am jade and I'm 16. I also have a boyfriend that is 16 and I have a scar across my chest. He doesn't know it but I want to tell him before he sees it. I was 10 years old when I had cancer and they broke my collar bone and left a big scar. My best friend thinks I should tell him but I don't want him to leave me I like him a lot. So if you have an answer please comment.

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Scar is not who you are.
by: TINA

Your scar is not who you are, but what you have been through. My scar goes from stem to stern from bypass/open heart surgery and I don't attempt to cover it. Hopefully you like me for me. If he doesn't like because of what you have been through then he is the loser.

by: Helper

Find a special moment when you and him are alone. then ask him, no matter how ugly I am, will you stay with me for as long as our love for eachother exists? If he answers yes, make sure to make sure, and then tell him, thw whole thing, how you feel, and thats the best i could give you.

Many more important qualities than looks
by: Anonymous

He does not need to see your scar, but if you wear something that reveals it, he would be a lout to drop you for that reason!!!!

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