High and Wide

by Robert Dow

I had open heart surgery on March 8 2011 and can't imagine anyone else who's had it having a scar that is any uglier than mine. It is about 1/2" wide and one big keloid. It's still painful (will someone recommend a pain-killing lotion I can put on it?) and itchy. I'd go bare-chested all the time if it were proper as even wearing a T-shirt rubs on it and increases the pain.

Has anyone out there had the operation that supposedly closes the scar and gets rid of the keloids. Although they say they may well come back, I'm 75 years old so possibly they won't return before I break these earthly bonds,..although I do intend to live until I'm at least 90!

I'd be happy to hear from anybody who might offer some advice and support because, as has been mentioned, I'm continually wondering if it is really my scar or my heart that is hurting me.

Thanks in advance,

Robert Dow

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