heart disease without knowing it

by rangavasan
(chennai, Tamilnadu,India)

i am 47 years old living in Chennai, India.i am a cricketer,pure vegetarian, non smoker, non drinker, non diabetic and normal BP, 4 years back on 19 Oct'2008 I was a Station master on night duty. There was an abnormal situation at work so i was very busy till 0200 hrs of 20 Oct'2008. Suddenly i felt a heaviness in my chest and radiating pain in my Right Hand.I immediately attributed it to Severe Gastritis since i have a longstanding Gastro intestinal ailment. So i called up my Medical officer and told him of my complaint. He suggested that i take some antacids and i took a couple of antacid pills. but the heaviness did not subside. i would feel like going for potty but nothing would happen. at one stage i felt i could not bear it anymore. but the medical officer told me to come to the hospital which is nearly a mile from my work spot.in pain and fear for life i literally ran the mile jumping on and off intervening platforms and weaving across wagons.i reached the hospital and the medical officer arrived.since i have traveled the mile and since i am alive, he came to a conclusion that i am suffering from acute gastritis. so he gave me shots of Ranitidine on both arms and made me consume antacid liquid. he also gave me a sleeping pill and told me to take rest and that i would be well in the morning. he was kind enough to tell the ambulance driver to drop me near the stairs of my station.i climbed the stairs of the foot over bridge,got down to the platform and climbed the two floors to my control cabin. My supervisor had arrived with some help so i was advised to take rest. i woke up next morning to feel as if someone was sitting on my chest.so i told the points man to carry my bag and went to the train, traveled to my destination and rode my motorcycle to my house.immediately i lay down on bed and told my wife that i had a severe bout of gastritis and that i needed hot water bag to be kept on my chest. she gave me bags four times and still it was not alright so i told my wife to call a driver for my car to take me to a gastroenterologist. This is when my wife was alarmed since i don't let anyone drive my car. She immediately called a driver and we met a Gastroenterologist who examined me and said that there is nothing wrong with my stomach and that i should check with a cardiologist. anyway he suggested that i get some blood tests and ECG done. I did the same and found some irregularity in my ECG and my CPK MB reading was above 200. so i took the result to a cardiologist on 20 Oct'2008 Saturday evening.He saw my results and examined me and said that i was clinically alright and he attributed the elevated CPK MB to the shots of ranitidine that i had received.I was a sportsman and weighed 92 kgs so my looks were probably deceiving. But my wife was very persistent in telling the doctor that my tolerance to pain is very high and she felt that something bad has befallen me. the doctor rebutted her saying that she was making a mountain out of a mole hill. but she persisted and asked him to refer a hospital to do a TMT(Stress ECG) on Sunday. so the doctor suggested a hospital and fixed an appointment for TMT on Sunday morning. i underwent TMT and was deduced with Ischemia in Second Stage itself. when we showed the result to the cardiologist he was taken aback and suggested that i get admitted in Railway hospital immediately. So on Monday i went to Railway hospital and narrated this. i was admitted in hospital on 22nd and angiogram was done on 23rd. the doctor had said that he expected a 10 to 20% block but shockingly he found 5 blocks of 60,65,70,90,100% and that all three arteries were blocked.so i was advised early CABG and CABG was done on 30th oct'2008.Since i do not have any bad habits the doctors found out that my Lipoprotein and homocystine levels were very high. so i decided that Cricket is not a game of exercise so i started walking for 60 to 70 mins everyday. after 2 years i have started playing Tennis and Badminton. now i weigh 72 kilos and am very agile.but my wife feels that i am playing too much because three times when i had problems with my bowels after CABG i have had bouts of syncope which could mean abnormality in electrical system of my heart. so with opposition from my wife i am forced to lower the timings of my games activities.

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