Heart Attack From Nowhere

by Tom Hornin My 60th Year
(Free at last)

On the 8th day of january 1996 20:30 hours yes it happened I had a heart attack , several in fact .

I always had good food , went swimming every other day . was very fit did not drink , so why me I asked my self , this is wrong ! I was ill for a year ,couldn't walk far always sleeping . I did not have surgery , this I cannot do , now in may 2012 I feel my life is coming to an end . would I follow the same path NO , would I keep my self fit NO, drink , smoke burn the candles at both end and have fun like most people do YES YES YES . what happens in life you have no control , it just happens . So live life to the full and have fun , be happy , be kind , and love what you do now , and most of all go and get what you want do not wait for it to come to you , you may miss it .

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