Heart attack at 35

by Dan
(Kansas City, MO)

Last Saturday (5/7/2011) my older brother age 35 thought he had heart burn and took some otc antacid meds. A little later he was having stomach pains so they went to the hospital thinking it might be his a gallbladder or an ulcer. They did blood work and said he might have one of the two wrong with his stomach or gallbladder but they told him he had a heart attack in the last 6 to 12 hours. He didn't even know he had a heart attack! Today (5/11/2011) he had surgery they originally thought it was going to be a quadruple bypass but then quickly realized he needed a quintuple bypass(I didn't even know there was such a thing). He is now in recovery and over the next couple hours they are going to slowly wake him up. Before his surgery this morning I told him we would make time to go on the long distance motorcycle ride we always talk about as soon as he is healed completely. He had an amazing group of doctors and nurses so I'm sure he'll be great in no time.

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your brother's surgery
by: Anonymous

dan... i will say a prayer for your brother... i sure hope he has a speedy recovery!!

Your brother
by: Brian from North Carolina

Your brother, like most of us, is fortunate. A lot of folks' first sign they have coronary artery disease comes when they fall over dead. Ironically enough, a semi-famous professional athlete - Robert "Tractor" Traylor, who played at University of Michigan and the NBA on his way to a Puerto Rican professional league - was found dead yesterday. Heart attack. He was 34. Be sure your brother knows he's blessed. And that he takes care of all that new plumbing his docs put in. God bless you, your brother and family.

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