heart attack 2011

by Heather Geyer
(Dayton ky)

So I am 25 year's young and I have a 10 year old daughter and. February 16th 2011 I gave birth to a healthy 8 pound baby girl c-section! March 11 2011 three weeks. After giving birth I had a heart attack caused from a blood clot that was a 100% blockage. I was taken to the Catholic lab where they did my stent! I'm now better physically and mentally I just recently had my echogram where they said my heart healed! I'm really wanting to have one more baby in the next. Year but I'm worried I'll have another attack! Any suggestions?

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heart attack
by: Anonymous

congratulations on the birth of your baby... i hope you have many happy times with your children. i am sorry about your having the heart attack... which is such a horrible thing especially at such a young age. i'm glad you are doing well and will continue to do so. and when you decide to have another beautiful baby, i'm sure things will be monitored very closely and you will be fine. enjoy your children in the meantime!

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