Healthy Living for a Better Life

by Efren E.Rosales

When I was still young I have a lot of vices,smoking, drinking liquor just to free myself from boredom, I work as a seaman.

It was at my early 30's when I experience an increase in blood pressure.I sought consultation and was given anti-hypertensive medication.I did not stop smoking, and drinking hard liquors, until on my age 47 that I experienced an excruciating pain on the center of my chest.I was onboard the ship when I experienced it. I was advised by my wife who is a nurse to come home, which I did. I sought consultation,I underwent 2-D echo and found out that part of my heart has less blood supply,I also SESTAMIBI test at the Nuclear Med.and found out that there was blockage on the LAD, major artery of my heart. I underwent Angiogram procedure, since major artery was blocked, I underwent Angioplasty. It was only then that I stopped smoking after an Angioplasty procedure.I was also diabetic, but my blood sugar is controlled. I started taking Metformin and with good effect on me, my blood sugar is controlled added with control in my diet, food that are less in sugar and my food intake is measured.
After my Angioplasty,I had my yearly check-up for my heart, 2D-echo, Sestamibi and Coro-CT angiogram was done last 2009, it was found out that 75% of my arteries were blocked.
Last February 2010, I experienced pain on my jaw and chest pain.I underwent again a sestamibi and there it was found out that I had a 3 vessels blocked.
I underwent CABG last February 26, 2010 due to 95% of arteries were blocked then 4 vessels graft was done.After surgery my Cardiologist told me that only 1 RBC passed thru my artery I would have died. I underwent Cardiac Rehab, and now I work as a normal individual who is doing a normal routine. Diet modification is very important as it will help you save your life, and early detection by undergoing a routine check-up with your cardiologist is very important. Being compliant with the medications being prescribed by your endo and cardio, and undergoing an examinations required to detect problems is very vital.TRUSTING GOD who is our healer and creator is very important in our lives.This is my share of my experience for what GOD made me become a stronger person.

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