Had no idea...

by Anonymous

I never experienced any pain in my chest. I felt lots of stomach pain for about a month. Any movement at all, I would feel a pulling in my stomach and then get short of breath.

After things not seeming to get any better I made an appointment with my primary doctor. Right away after explaining to her my pain, she tells me that she wants to do an x-ray of my chest and blood work. OMG!

To my surprise I received information that I have an enlarged heart, a blood clot in my main artery, and that my heart is only working at 10-15%.

So, finding this information out was so scary to me since I did not have any of the normal warnings. I try to keep fit, watch what I eat, have never smoked or drank and only 40 years old. I have not had any procedures. My doctors are just treating me with medication at this point.

I would really like to get feedback on others with heart problems and what type of medication you're taking or surgeries you've had.

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I know how you are feeling...
by: Sandra

I always thought I was the picture of health. Although there was heart disease in my family, I didn't expect it to happen to me - I was slim, fit, ate right, never smoked, etc. etc.

It is so hard to believe it when it happens to you. I'm sure you feel like your body has betrayed you or let you down.

But thank goodness your condition was caught in time and you are now under medical care! How wonderful to have a whole new chance at life. Sometimes people don't get that chance.

Take your meds - and take care of yourself. I hope we'll hear from others as well to help you on your journey.

And keep us posted on your progress.

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