God Gave Me Life

by Maria Santiago
(Philadelphia P.A.)


My name is Maria, I had open heart surgery.
On 2/23 this year 2010 will be 3 years of the operation. My sternum still hurts like crazy. My scar on my chest itches and hurt very bad. The scar is very fat like a shoe lace. I pray to God every night to help me. I know he helped each and one of us who had surgery or any kind of sickness.

I had four bypass. It took me by surprise. I kept going to the emergency room. Like around on my fifth try after like two months going, they kept me in the hsp. And all I remember is I went in and woke up, sliced up. I pray this pain in my sternum goes away and that God will give me lots of years for me. To spend with my kids.

Bye, God bless.

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