Fast heart rate when asleep ........

by Stacy
(washington indiana)

I am a 39 year old female symptoms started about 3 weeks ago......i was asleep and i woke up about 1 am to a pounding heart ...heart was beating fast and hard ....i took my pulse and it was 160 per minute took my blood pressure and it was 170/110....felt dizzy cold sweats ....and a feeling of impending doom.....i called 911 and they said i was probably having a anxiety attack .....but i use to have those years ago and i know what they feel like ....this happens on and off mainly when i am asleep and i awaken to it or when i wake up in morning .......but mainly at night doctor took blood test and all cardiac enzymes are normal and i was on a holter monitor for a week and they said all is well.... so they slap me on klonpin and tell me they will see me in a month.....i am scared ..i don't know what is happening to me ......and during the day time i have palpitations of heart ......if u have any answers please let me know i am very scared that my doctor and doctors are missing something......

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Sleep Apnea
by: Janie

Ask for a sleep study. You may be having sleep apnea. Even if you don't snore.

I'm a nurse who also has sleep apnea. Many people go on to develop heart disease due to it. If you are waking with symptoms it can be as strong sign of it. I woke with a heart rate near 200 and had to be cardioverted at the ER. Am now on CPAP. Took a bit to get used to but now can't sleep without it. Have felt great since being on it.

by: Anonymous

sounds like atrial fibrulation

Other Symptoms
by: Anonymous

Do you have other symptoms, i.e, numbness, jaw pain vomiting?

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