family history of heart disease

by olga

mother died at 63 in 1967, brother died at 48 in 1978, one sister now is 84 oldest of 10 in family had ope heart surgery 10 yrs. ago. Brother had a stroke at 64-sister has angio-plasty done-brother had quad. by-pass. I was in Florida 2 yrs. ago just took a little burning up high in my left chest area-got back to london,on. Had 95% blockage in my lad. i worked in that field with cardiologist most all of my life-doing ekg etc. now i have been in cardiac fitness for 2 yrs. just had my 6 month check-up on march 24th-into 6mins, developed atrial

fibrillation,it lasted for one minute-then converted back to normal sinus rhythm, had angio done at university hospital ,london, and where i had the stent put in the coronary artery looked good-had a reaction to the dye-worst ever,but got over it. I was diagnosed with
unstable angina. back at fitness- but take ramipril2.5mgs.atenolol 50mgs. daily, dyazide, no statons.given my cardiac history, why unstable agina, i was doing great until i had my treadmill test done-Now when i get the pain in both arms at nite i take a puff or two of my nitro.I will see my cardiologist on 18th.of this month.i feel great at day-but as soon as i rest at nite on it comes.i am 148 pounds-none of my family over weight, i am now 72 yrs. as far as the angina
goes what really can be done.?

would like to hear more information on this family history, or different opinions from cardiologists

thank you will submit name later

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