by Laura

I was having what I thought were panic attacks for three day, numbing in my arms from wrist to wrist. So I went to the hospital on the third day and I was having heart attacks. Triple by pass 7 days later. I now have a scar on my chest and leg.I was always told for scars apply vitamin E, so as soon as my scabs are gone I will try this. For about 6 mo prior to my heart attack I noticed being short of breath, unable to finish sentenes, vision blurs, could not whistle for my dogs, my lips would not form wright to whistle, my urine was getting lighter and lighter almost clear and my diet had not changed for this to happen. I have read about folks and thier scaars, my son has scars from surgery on his sides 16 yrs old, my daughter from her neck down to her butt from scoliousis dont know if I spelled that wright, but she is glad to be walking straight and tends to show off her scar, I guess its a mind set thing! happy days to all of us scar folks, it could be worse.

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