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I am 39 years old and been having fast heart rates in middle of night and some in day.....been to er multiple times ....they all say the same thing.......well finally my doctor ordered test an echocardiogram and a stress test.......echo came back normal BUT............ i noticed that on my doppler test it says .......pulm valve regurgitation is mild and mitral regurgitation is mild and aortic regurgitation is mild pulm artery pressure was 40-45 ........ this scares me and they say its nothing to worry about..............they put me on a holter monitor ....almost done 2 more weeks of that put me on lexapro and klonapin they say its scared please someone comment if you anything about this...thanks stacy in indiana

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Hello Stacy
by: Olen

Hi Stacy, please do not be afraid. It sounds to me exactly like what I went through. You can have rapid heart and pulpitations from a number of things. You can become allergic to caffeine at any given time of your life. It is in sodas too. Also anxiety can cause this. Lack of sleep and worrying about the rapid heart rates can actually make them worse. Don't lay on your left side. Your heart can feel and sound like a marching band bass drum and when the room is quiet at night every beat is loud as thunder at times. Try watching your caffeine intake and relax your mind. Take some you time and try not to worry about everyday things like bills or kids or he says she says. If something is stressing you try to find a resolution. The monitor is used on lots of people and it is just to get an idea if something you do or a certain time of day brings on the rapid heart beats. Panic attacks are the worst. If they find out that is what is causing it you will probably need to be put on a mild nerve pill such as ativan. It works believe me. Also rapid heart beats with hot flashes could be a sign of the change coming your way. So please relax and don't cause yourself more stress. There are so many things that can cause it. The good thing that with early diagnosis of a bad heart...there are very simple procedures such as stents and pace makers that 100's of 1000's of people all ages are using now. Your not going anywhere just yet I promise. God bless...Hope you feel better soon. :)

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