Double By-Pass at age 45.

by Donna Staniec
(Chicago, Illinois)

I have been a Letter Carrier for 20 years..after working 10 hours on Sept. 1st 2011..I just didnt feel right..It was hot and I was in my car driving home with the air conditioning blasting on me. I was sweating so bad and had pain in my forearms. I had to pull over on my way home and I thought I better keep going. I made it home and I knew I wasnt ok.. Since nobody was home I called 911..I said I thought I was having a heart attack..I was rushed to the hospital and the last thing I remembered was them running me through the hospital..I coded right then and there..they were able to stent me within minutes..they saved my life with that stent..I was also vented and my hospital stay was about 5 days. I went through 13 weeks of cardiac rehab and I was back at work..6 hours a day but carrying most of my route. I thought everything was ok..I was going to see my cardiologist in a few days and I thought that would be it..Well on Jan 6th 2012 I woke up and had pain in my arms and throat that kept coming. {I had these symptoms for a bout 3 days.} my husband called the ambulance and my stent was blocked and the artery next to it was backing up also..since I was on blood thinners I had to wait 6 days in the hospital before having a double by-pass surgery..I am beyond depressed..back in cardiac rehab..I am probably done with my job...I made so many changes in my life after the first heart attack..I quit smoking..with no interest of ever doing that again..changed my diet..I cant give up everything..I still want to eat pizza once in a while..haven't had any drinks..I am afraid to be far away from my hospital..When I see family members I think will this be the last time I see them??? I am not taking any meds for depression..{maybe I should} I told the Dr. I was depressed and he said that was normal...but for how long I wonder??? Does anyone else feel like this??

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