The room started spinning and my stomach got upset when I was 45, found out my neck internal carroted artery was blocked had to have operation to have it cleaned out.

Two months later failed a stress test (treadmill) found out two arteries in my heart were blocked 95% and two others were blocked 70% had heart bypass sugery.

Posivite note I am now 69 Years had those surgeries 23 years ago ride a mountian bike 6 days a week 7 miles a day.

I have a very strict low fat diet low sugar also.

I take 40mg of zocor 1000 mg fish oil 3 times a day and a 350mg asparin a day.

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by: Anonymous

congratulations! you sound like a good poster boy for knowing when to see a dr and doing all the right things ! continue eating well, exercising and you'll keep doing great!

Don Male Adult
by: Glenn in Thailand

Congratulations Don !! Wow 23 years later and you are doing great...Since living in Thailand now for almost a year, I eat mostly the local food that consist primarily of fish and chicken, however sometimes I eat other meats. I take 10mg Crestor daily and 81mg aspirin and last week my LDL was 67 Hdl 46 and overall cholesterol was 129...Doctor will check me again in 8 weeks and if it is any lower she will cut my Crestor to 5MG
I had quad bypass over 3 years ago.
Again happy to read your good news..and thanks for sharing.
Glenn 71 years in Thailand

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