Dizziness after Angioplasty

by zia
(Toronto, Canada)

Dec 4, 2012:

Had an angioplasty two weeks ago, had two Stents placed in my LAD.

I am prescribed usual medications for blood thinner, chelostrol, blood pressure, etc,

Since the surgery, along general weakness, dizzines, foginess and lightheaded are persistent. Discussed this with my family doctor but he was unsure how long this will go on. Will visit my cardiologist in three weeks, and see what his response will be.

I am a 55 years old, non smoker, non drinker and slim.

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by: Anonymous

Hi, I was taken to the hospital by the EMS with chest pain. I stayed the evening and they did a few test.. including the stress test. They found nothing. I continued to have chest pains and took antacids. 2 months later I was at work alone and had a major hreat attack. I called 911 and they took me to a differnt hospital. I had suffered trough the heart attack as well as being wide awake for the stents. I have 3 in my RCA that day and on a heart pump in ICU for 3 days. 1 month later I was back in for the LAD one stent put in. I take 11 pills per morning. I am also suffering from PTSD. I'm still not feeling right. My Dr. told me that I had a major Heart Attack in a major place in my heart and it's going to take time. I'm also taking a long acting nitro along with the ones you carry with you. I hope you didn't have to suffer through having a heart attack. Thngs will get better for us at some point. Hang in there and it's ok to be a pest to your Dr. I question mine all the time. Good luck. BTW I am still curious they didn't find the blockage on me at the 1st hospital and sent me home. I will be getting my medical records to see what they say. Maybe my Heart Attack could have been avoided?

Be Well.

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