dangerous pain

by krbhaarath@yahoo.co.in
(dubai, uae)

My friend's mother had severe heart attack that she was yelling in the hospital that nobody could see. It was like elephant was stumping her heart with the foot.

She was a diabetic patient and she had cholestrol also.

So immediately the doctor advised she had to undergo bypass surgery in Kuppusamy Naidu Hospital, Coimbatore. After that surgery she was completely alright and leading a happy life.

So what I am telling is whoever suffering from heart problem no need to worry the success rate is around 95 to 98% and also the technology is really developed and we have to appreciate the doctors they are like God for their dedication.

Heed the advice of the doctors so everybody definitely can save their life.

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That's for sure!
by: Anonymous

Thanks for sharing your story - you are so right - we are very fortunate to live in this day and age where heart disease CAN be treated. Those of us who wouldn't be here but for modern medicine are sure grateful!

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