Chris C

by Chris C
(Sydney, Australia)

First sign was a severe tightening in my chest that would not give up.

Previously had been diagnosed with extremely high cholesterol (9.5-10)and of course, high blood pressure.
I was a heavy smoker and had given up 7 months prior to the onset of the un-ignorable angina episode. My diet was standard for a single male professional but I had always had an issue with fat. I was on occasion and could not resist garlic metwurst. I was also quite fit, played competition level squash and was a regular state level sailing competition team member.
I did not have a heart attack but had had a mild infarct a few years earlier.
I ended up in emergency and had the luck to have an excellent Cardiologist inspect me and recommend (and secure) bypass surgery for me with in two weeks.
I went into hospital in early December and was back at work toward the end of the following February - a fabulous Christmas present to me and my wife of just one year.
I never took up smoking again ( the most stupid thing I had ever, unwittingly, done to myself). I have never missed prescribed medication. My diet has become very no fat but I could not extend to being a vegan. I used to drink a lot of alcohol but have managed to modify that to the point where I abstain 4 days a week.
For context,I had all of the possible blue collar health issues in a body that was trying to be a proper white collar professional.
I have overcome a lot of issues that were contributing to my ill health. Stressors are still a problem. However, my surgery at age 42 was a complete success.
I have had the last 14.5 years with relatively few worries about the state of my well being. I think I am due for a stress test this year to see haw I am doing inside. My latest blood test indicated a - admittedly medically induced - overall Cholesterol level of 3.5. The bad cholesterol is still hovering around 2.

The numbers you find on the net indicate that I am at the end of the quadruple bypass solution. I have no indication that there is anything untoward that I should focusing on but I am extremely concerned about what might or might not be my next option.

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Welcome to the club
by: Brian from North Carolina

I can't quite tell from your posting when your bypass surgery took place. But I can tell you our backgrounds are not dissimilar (jocks who exercised a lot but smoked and had lousy diets) and that I just had my one year stress test. Result? A new concept that I'm told is very important but had not been discussed before: Expulsion Fraction. As best I can tell, it's the percentage of blood in your heart that is pumped out on any single beat of the heart. Fifty-five to sixty percent is supposedly normal. Some super hearts pump as much as two-thirds. Mine was 57 percent, despite some small areas of scar tissue from my heart attack and from one of my blockages. My doc is pleased, and that means I'm pleased. Continued best wishes to you in your recovery.

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