Can anyone help with shortness of breath 4 weeks post CABG x 4

by Craig
(Trenton TN)

I am 4 weeks post CABG x 4 as the title says, however, when I walk I still get short of breath. Dr. says it is not uncommon, and will improve. Has anyone else had this experience post surgery, and does it really get better? I am getting frustrated and nervous because of this, and fearful that something did not go right. The chest pain seems to be much better, but not 100% gone. Again told this is normal, and that it is pain radiating from incision site and breastbone. I am also SO TIRED!!!! Any one else experience these symptoms I would like to hear. Thank You!!! Oh I am 44 years old by the way, and have a long history of early onset heart disease. My father died at 49, first heart attack at 39, his Father died at around 45, and so on. So I am glad to have the opportunity to be alive today, and have the chance at least to live a while longer. I did quit smoking 30 days ago. Better late than never I guess.

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post cabg 2 years
by: Yvonne

Unable to breathe since surgery. I did not have a H.A. but caught the widow maker before hand.Left the hosp with oxygen. 2 months later was breathing on my own but have never been able to breathe good since. I still have SOB and the doctors can't tell me why. My thyroid is being treated but that does not help the SOB. It is hard to describe to anyone when I say my breath stop at my breast bone and my pulse ox measures 95. I have no idea where to go for treatment.

Low Blood Pressure
by: Leon

After a double bypass I was given some blood pressure medication that worked fine for about 9 months. On a routine checkup, my Dr. told me my blood pressure was too high and therefore prescribed me additional medication to be taken in conjunction with the first prescription. The Blood pressure abated and became regular. After about 3 months of taking, both Blood pressure medication, I started to feel tired and having severe shortness of breath. I then again visited my Dr. that found that my blood pressure was extremely low. We decided that the extra blood pressure medication was causing the problem. I then returned to the original prescription and since then my blood pressure has returned to normal and so was my fitness. So watch Your Blood Pressure! By the way, my Dr. doesnt know what caused the blood pressure flactuation.

Short of breath?
by: Anonymous

Shortness of breath and feeling tired could be a sign of Thyrroid problems.
Ask you Doctor to have you tested for this condition.
I wish you the best!

Give it ime
by: Bob

2years post 4 CABG here. Walking 4 miles a day, everyday. No pain or shortness of breath.

Just give it time. It was at least 6 months before I felt really well, and even now, I worry, but still thank God.

CABG x 3 at age 49
by: Brian from North Carolina

Hey Craig. I had "mild" heart attack and CABG x 3 two years ago, at age 49. Smoked my last Newport in the hospital parking lot as I waited to go in. Thought it might calm my nerves and make my chest quit pounding. Funny, huh? I haven't had much shortness of breath but I've had phantom pains of every variety, occasional dizziness, an aching shoulder. Its unnerving, I know. Rehab class helped me a lot, mentally. You're in there exercising three times a week with your heart hooked to the monitors and all these experts gradually increasing your workload, all the while supposedly knowing how much is too much. Some of the things your cardiologist will do from here will help, too. Stress test is a major confidence builder, looking at the picture of your heart getting blood and oxygen everywhere. Something as simple as your blood tests showing good numbers gives a boost, too. So hang in there man. More than anything, trust your docs, pray to your God and love your family. That's my plan and it's been working for two years now.

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