by D Deer

I began this crazy roller coaster ride may 2001 when I was having a heart attack and didn't know it.

They rushed me to the ER"in shirt not to bore you all" a heart cath was done and moved back to my room to be schedule the the next day.
A triple by-pass at age 41.

Funny was told this would last me for 20 years.

14 month later I was having problems, the stints began.

Between August 2002 to May 2006 I received 23 stints in my heart.

Note I am only 5'7" 170 lbs. In good to great shape.

I received a 2nd triple by pass May 2006.

My Dr said this would more than likey last for 5 years. Due to my family history and genetics.

May 2006 to Feb 2012 I have now received another 19 stints, place in my graphs. I at this time have a 60% blockage in my LAD graft but unable to get to it due to other stint placements.

Wow, now I am looking a 3rd by-pass later summer.

I have been a genie pig for so many new procedures, so many different med's.

They have been very successful for so many, they have new things each year coming out. They just do not seem to work on my genetic problem.

My god this is a madness that is so hard to live with, although my life is great, and a great family.

I wish I hated everyone make this easy to just stop.

I have been all over the country looking for new options. None just 3rd by pass with the high possibility of an LVAD installed.

I am still happy to have survived this long, when I get down, I look at other people who have cancer and feel not as bad.

Love of family, my wife and friend who I have known since she was 5, 32 years married, and the best kids, keeps me focused to beat anything.

I only hope and wish for something that can stop this.
But with the DNA I have I think it is a way of life for me or take the easy way out, so I fight.

A strong will, and family keeps me strong.

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