CABG before Heart Attack

by Satish R
(Mumbai, MH, India)

First Signs of Trouble

Most baffling thing was the symptoms that I had on the day when I went in ICU were the same as I had earlier several times. In the past ,I had explained in detail to my family doctor and he some how concluded that my problem was not cardio vascular but mascular. My Physician who treated me for mild Blood Pressure for last 4 years doubted if I have a BP or a mild spondelytes ,when explained him my symptoms. My symptoms were , numbness to right had fingers, forarm and scratching pain on right had side of chest. So effectively I was illeducated to know all the symptoms of cardiac arrest or heart attack and my doctors were casual in checking me for the symptoms. It is only my luck that I never had or survived the chances of getting heart attack

The Surgery
On 21 June, I felt same symptoms and left office to go home. I could get my Doctor speak to me when I had already climbed 40 steps to my house. Doctor heard me asked to come to a hopstial just 2 minutes walk from my house. I waled alone and went in casualty. Told them I need help and slept on bed. Doctor was on his way. I was calling my wife and family members on cell phone when I was lying on emergency bed. In few minutes doctor came. ECG showed changes. I was admited in ICU for 24 hours obervation.All reports came normal and I was to be discharged. Doctor suggested to show ECG to a cardiologist for second opinion. Cardiologist reviewed age as 53, smoker for 25 years but not smoking for last one year, Excercising in gym, stressful executive job, family history of heart attacks and now the ECG changes. He advised for angiography. We changed hospital as it suits him. Angiography showed 3 arteries blockages to 100%,93% and 87% repsectively. Since artery which is to the rearside of heart was also blocked, stenting was not possible on conventional on pump CABG was done. Recovery was excellent and went home in 10 days. Breathlessness went away in 2 weeks. Started Morning walk from week 4 and started work from week 7

Some numbness on chest, some clicking pain when getting off chair if sitting crunched posiiton is still remaining but rest of the system is normal

Learning from experience

It is undamaged heart operated for fauled artery system. My heart muscle never starved for blood as flow reduced but it never stopped and there was no heart attack. Warning signs were uncommon and it was my hunch to go to doctor and not that I had correct education

Be on your own and learn from every source like internet to educate yourself for possible symptoms and what to do. Doctors also at times shooting in dark or are casual in approach. One needs to be very demanding in getting answers or acuarate diagnosys. Do not smoke it really kills.

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by: Anonymous

I had shortness of breath since 2009, regular checkups with my Dr, was being treated for Diabetes type2 and blood pressure, had stress test 2 years ago no issues, last 4 months start having shortness of breath walking 5 minutes and unable to do slight yard work, spoke my Dr 6 weeks ago was told heart is great BP normal sugar cholesterol slightly high no issues, contacted my cardiologist, did ekg, nuclear stress test found blockage , angiogram showed 3 arteries blocked had surgery now recovering, 3 weeks still pain in the chest taking aleve. Always see a internest who has time and is experienced

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