Burning scar and skin graft

by Cindy
(South africa George)

When I was only 12 years I got myself burned. I'm now 18 years old and still hiding my scar under long sleeves. Half of my arm nd shoulder are covered with skin graft and its really ugly. I'm mad,sad and depressed when I see my friends wear short sleeves and nice fancy tops.I even thought of getting a tattoo to cover it.I wish I can accept it and move on with my life my I just can't! You probably wonder why I put this online. Why? Because I want to know if there's other people that goes through the same experience and I want to chat with them to know how they coping with it.I can't talk to people about this who doesn't know what it feels like.

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Good luck Cindy
by: Brian from NC

I don't know how much help you'll find here Cindy. Most of the postings are from heart attack or bypass surgery patients, and most of them are male and much older than you. I do on occasion see postings from female bypass patients who are upset and bothered by the scar. I hope you're able to connect with some of them. Best wishes and God bless you.

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