Brij Kalra Shares His Story...
Wants to Hear From Others

by Brij Kalra
(Delhi, India)

I am 48 years old young guy with a sporting back ground.

Until last year I was running eight kilometeres every day in 46 minutes without any problem at all. One day my knee got twisted and my running stopped for 11 months. Then now about four months back I started running again and my life was beautiful again.

But suddenly one day when I was running, my neck got stiff for some time and I had to slow down. This happened in all the running sessions I had later on, so I had to get my engography done and it showed the blocked arteries: right 90% and left 70 % at one place and 80% at another. I had to go for heart surgery immediately.

It's been 26 days and I feel good except for the thought of why it should happen to me.

I always controlled my lipids, was careful about what to eat and not to eat but had a strong family history of heart ailments.

I would like to know other people's story and their life after the surgery.

Thank you.

Brij Kalra

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Wants to Hear From Others

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by: Brian

All of you guys are an inspiration. I had triple bypass April 28. I'm a mere baby compared to y'all. but i'm moving. forward. thanks for your wisdom.

Were you ever a smoker?

Great work Brij! However, can I ask if you were ever a smoker? If you say you have been watching your lipids for quite a while and have lead an active lifestyle, just wondering if there was any other factor other than genetics.


Hi, my first story was immediately after my surgery, but it has been 7 months now, I would like to share the nature's way of setting you right at the place you want to be, in case you have the will to do it.

I walked my serious 4k walk on the 52nd day after my surgery in 44 minutes. My God, I realised I have lost nothing, realising that at least I will be able to walk much longer than this in few months time, got positive about the whole scenerio and by the end of 3rd month I was doing 7k uphill walking in 56 minutes and was really enjoying it.

Then came 1st Sept, the day I came in this beautiful world 48 years back and I thought of giving the best possible present to myself. I prayed and asked for courage from God and started running with a target that I will run for 15 minutes non stop, and I did it. He is up there controlling all of us.

Thereafter it was the runner's desire in me of my previous 25 years of running. I kept on increasing my speed and time and finally on 23 December I ran my 8km in flat 48.23 minutes and trust me that was the best orgasm I ever had. There was no fatigue and then onwards I am doing it 6 times a week. God listens to you if you are talking to him seriously. Life is lovely in whatever shape it comes to you. I have shot my running for my own record of improvement and in case any body wants to see the CABG guy running and getting some kind of courage I can share it also any kind of question can be asked on the mail because no one knows you better than you, and in case you want to walk fast or jog again only you know how much it means to you.

Thanks and God bless everyone

Such a shock
by: Wendy

Like you I was a runner and considered myself pretty fit. It was a huge shock to find myself in trouble with my heart. (Damn genetics)

It's been a few years now and things are pretty good. I'm not running but I am power walking - almost every day. I get regular checkups but so far so good.

Just think of this as a second chance! Good luck and keep well.

Good luck!
by: Wanda

Sometimes family genes seem to outweigh everything else with heart disease, unfortunately. I hope you are able to get back to running and a happy, healthy life very quickly.

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