Born with the condition

When I was born me and my twin brother had a extra tube in our hearts making it hard for them to work right we were hospitalized for two months after being born with out surgery doctors thought and waited to see if our hearts would mend themselves after two years my twin brother had died they got him back to life and gave him imidiate heart surgery they knew we had the same condition so they decided to give me the surgery also maybe looking at sparing our lives it worked and we are now 17 it has been hard growing up with my scar but it makes me proud I am still living I know from my boyfriend that I am beautiful but every time I look at my scar I think I'm ugly and different but it's something I have to live with I can't change things back when I was young so I live with it as a remembrance of me and my twin making it. Through a hard time scars make us who we our they tell a story they complete us so I'm just saying even though I wish I didn't have it I wouldnt change it for the world knowing it saved my brothers and my life

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