Awesome mom, grandmother, sister and wife

by Judy Kolos
(Nokesville, VA USA)

I was having symptoms of tiredness, some pressure in my chest, but my young son was dying of cancer, and I kept saying stress, after his death -- just grief. You know women do not suffer heart disease or mainly symptoms like men, aren't we lucky???? I began fainting and actually passing out, primary doctor kept saying, "Let's wait and see" famous last words. So one day I went to Urgent Care and Bingo he said, "you are going to cardiac department and take a stress test and whatever to see if this isn't heart. Now, there is a doctor who can diagnose and save your life. Right away -- while there, they were saying "Have you had a heart attack? "No, not that I know of, but it showed a "silent heart attack" so long story short -- off to check the artery procedure, boomo I heard him dictating on machine sending to you (surgeon) needs at least a triple bypass, what! So I had done at Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington Virginia, supposedly by the best and four days later out of hospital, new release time. This is to keep you from picking up lung problems and bacteria rampant in most hospitals. I had a cardiac nurse tell me before the operation, don't expect to hit the ground running. Well, that's encouraging, she was so right. Your energy level is not there, your chest has been split and each day new pains somewhere, false energy and then days of I don't think I am ready. Don't go out alone or drive for at least two months, you will get weak all of a sudden. Do not pull or use your hands other than light stability, don't forget this is everyday action, but could break all that surgery loose But do this, start walking just a little more each day, look at your options in food, if finally eating out, select not the fried stuff you had before, stress - start thinking "me" which I never did, sit down, go out into nature, listen to music, this surgery usually last for up to 17 years on average, don't be that stat, take those statins. You have a new lease on life and believe me it is six weeks later and I opted to stay in still today, not up to it. Good luck and don't expect immediate results just do your follow-up and don't give up, everybody heals a different way.

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