attacked on my chest in July 2008

by Novea
(Eklins park, Pa Usa)

Hi my name is Novea,

I am 35 years old now, this is what I feel about my chest scar, I was attacked on my chest in July 2008

I feel so sad and and I stress about it.
my scar makes me feel ugly. Also i love to wear dresses with v-necks. But I don't because i am embarrassed i wear tee shirt every day i see women wearing beautiful dresses it makes me jealous and i love to beach i can't wear swimsuit i hate to cover wear tee shirt under swimsuit also i willing planning get married for wedding i look at my chest sometime I cry inside because I don't feel pretty anymore please help me,
I need help to remove my scar...

I live in Philly,Pa

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Beautiful Scar
by: Steve

Hello Novea,
My beautiful wife (46 Yrs Old)has a surgical scar right down the middle of her chest. To me it does not detract from her beauty and I regularly kiss her scar and say thank you to God for not taking her from me yet. We have been married 24 yrs and I still see her as the angel I married as I am sure your husband to be will vision you. I encourage you to wear your dresses and bathing suits with pride and say to the world "Hey I am still here."

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