Another step forward

by Brian
(North Carolina)

Had "mild" heart attack and triple bypass late last April. Took up jogging to keep my mind off smoking. I had run before a fair amount. Off and on. Done some 5Ks. Totally unprepared for how sloowwwwwwwwwwww I'd have to run to stay within my recommended heart rate. Started out with a max of 145. Started running some when it was raised to 165. Now it's 180. Anyway, long story short, ran a 5K Saturday. Finished 192nd of 220 runners. Did not finish in front of a single male my age (50) or younger. But you know what? I really, thoroughly enjoyed myself and plan to run another one next month. God has blessed me with minor damage, a major wake up and an encouraging recovery. I am thankful and wish the same to any one who has reason to be on here reading this post.

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