Agent Orange from Vietnam

Hello, back in 1997 I had a very bad heart attack where I needed 7 bypasses. they removed 1 vein from my right arm from wrist to elbow,also from right knee to groin, left leg from knee to groin plus knee, from knee about 8" down. Now I have really very bad venous insufficiency. My toes feel like small ballons waiting to pop. If they start bleeding will they start cutting them off, and when and how far up before they stop? I was a very good plumper and changed jobs to Bass Fishing. VERY good pay if you win, I was told I could tie a rock to my line and catch a bass. Now all I do is sit on a hard kitchen chair waiting for them to start cutting. I wear the sooks prop my feet up, pillows in my bed to raise my feet higher then my heart. Did the doctor know this before he removed them? The reason I would like to know is because nothing was every said. The V.A. said the heart was bad from agent orange. They removed my heart and worked on it on a table thank god they found diferent ways to repair them.

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