A surprise heart attack

by Bob

While watching my first ever 3D movie, I felt decidedly sick, dizzy and confused. My Son in Law delivered me to a small local cottage hospital who, in just a few minutes, had me lying down and undergoing an ECG. I was admitted for further tests and eventually stents were ruled out. A Quad CABG was the recommended solution. A month later, on the scariest day of my life, the operation was performed and recovery began. My family and friends and my boss were amazingly supportive and allowed me as long as I needed to recover. The recovery was pain free, but not stress free - I was, and still am, nervous and always aware of the severity of the illness and the operation.

I have stuck to a sensible diet, I do not smoke and I exercise, lightly , an hour every day. I feel good and expect to last a good few years with my family and grandchildren around me. The experience has been uncomfortable, stressful but never painful.

I thank god for such amazing treatment at the Ottawa Heart institute and the Aylmer hospital and am eternally grateful to such a fabulous family, friends and boss.

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Heart Attack while on the roof of my House
by: Chris

One thing is for sure, you can never predict when you might have a heart attack. I just turned 52 (the day after my birthday)I was on the roof of my house fixing a few shingles when it started. Since it was a little chilly and windy outside I thought my shortness of breath was being caused by the wind. I was extremely lucky as I was almost finished. I got down off the roof and the symptoms progressed to the point where I asked my wife to call an ambulance. Once at the hospital, I was again blessed with a certain amount of luck. There was a Cardiologist at the ER when I arrived as well as a Cardiac Surgeon. I was sent to the Cath lab and from there it was determined I needed to have a quintuple bypass. Everything seemed to happen in a way that would ensure I would have the best possible recovery. Once out of surgery I remained in the hospital for another 4 days. 3 days and nights in the ICU and one day and night in a regular room. When I came home I was a bit scared and worried about what to expect next. I began my recovery and slowly began to feel better. I wasn't very thrilled about the scar on my chest and to be honest I'm still not to happy about it. It serves as a constant reminder of my condition. This keeps me from doing things I shouldn't be doing, like smoking for one. I haven't smoked a cigarette since the day I had the heart attack and do not plan on ever smoking again. I wasn't a heavy smoker maybe a pack and a half per week, but I am proof that quantity doesn't matter. Smoking is smoking period! I have now started playing golf again and becoming more active. I bought a recumbent exercise bike to exercise with, as well as a small weight bench. I have found that I actually look forward to my exercise time so I plan to continue my routine and keep myself in shape. I have lost about 30 lbs since my heart attack and feel like I am in better shape than ever!!

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