A RUDE WAKEUP CALL totally by suprise

by Larry Childers
(Pensacola Fl)

It was just another November day,the exception was today was one week after a close friend of ours who suddenly passed away at an early age from a massive heart attack.That morning she went outside to have her cigarette and my wife was on the phone saw her and when she asked how she felt as she had just gotten over a bad cold her answer was only a nod of her head as to say not good. Suddenly I heard from the inside of the home her son and daughter calling for help as their mother lay unresponsive as he applied CPR.

The CPR was continued by him and I relieved him until the ambulance arrived as a former fire fighter gut feeling told me she was gone it though the paramedics and doctors tried all modern drugs and procedures she was gone. After the funeral we and many other friends of her gathered to celebrate her life and then my rude awakening came. At first I thought a muscle spasm on my left upper arm was taking place the my back of my jaw hurt as well then came the clamminess and sweat, my wife immediately said I did not look good,I agreed and asked her to take me home. A friend of mine asked if I felt bad I replied by a short nod he assisted me to the car and gave me a nitro pill. HE KNEW I WAS IN TROUBLE
A trip to the ER confirmed this as I was rushed via LIFEFLIGHT to another trauma hospital who after a cath lab check found one totally blocked and two partial blocked arteries. In short a triple bypass . Now a month after my new arteries in place I write this tale. Before the heart attack I never took any pills except vitamin C
full bore worked every day perfect health but SMOKER since 18(now 61)Yes I had a very surprisingly wake up call. I can now drive but you will be surprised how I've had to learn to get out of bed other than just throw the covers off and go. I had to roll over swing my legs over use my heart pillow hold it against my chest and come up to a sitting position then rest for a minute before getting up. I walk with my wife for a few minutes until I feel I need to go back. I have TOTALLY given the cigarettes up and do not even feel an urge to pick one up again. My wife has supported me 200% along with my son and grandkids and friends they encourage me by riding my butt to get out and walk daily. My physical therapy clinic also called to start with them. I feel blessed and yes its a wake up call when you go down like that and don't know if you will wake up again its scary. My advice is YES support the NO FRY FOODS the Cigarrets, cling the baked or broiled meats oh yes you may have a small portion occasionally of a steak but steer clear of fatty foods.take a walk when you get a chance and find an exercise that you enjoy. Life its too short.

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