A new pathway created by the grace of God.

by Renita

I am a 44 year old who has had a triple bypass surgery just 2 months ago. I have no family history of CAD, and showed no symptoms myself. I wasn't overweight, no high blood pressure, diabetes,or cholesterol.

I woke up in the middle of the night with chest pain and it felt like gerd. However, this pain became more intense and I passed out. After being awaken I was encouraged to go to the hospital and to my surprise I was told after a stress test failure that I had CAD. If I didn't have the surgery I could die. At 44 I was amazed and shocked - even the doctors were surprised because every test I took was negative except for the stress test. I could not receive a stent or balloon because I had blockage on the left main artery and it is considered too short. This vein supplies blood to the front and back of the heart and is very vital, as all the rest are.

I thank God I did have a successful surgery and instead of dying with blockage He created for me a new pathway for blood to flow thru my heart. "I will live and not die but declare the works of the LORD."

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