A New Lease on Life

by Brenda Davis
(Hartsville SC US)

Hi my name is Brenda and I had quadruple bypass heart surgery on 8/9/2011. I am now entering in just over two months since my surgery. It was a very scary ordeal I did have a heart attack and went to the hospital, had a small heart attack during surgery. But all in all everything went great, and here I am telling about it. Right now I feel like a new person and I feel different, in a good way. I am a little short tempered right now but I have stopped smoking and that has been hard. Trying to not smoke and having the surgery, well lets just say it is quite trying. But I am glad that the Lord kept his hand on me and brought me through. If any one would like to email me it is ucanbholy2@aol.com

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As you can see, you're not alone
by: Brian from North Carolina

Hi Brenda and Glenn. I run into people everywhere who share our story. And MANY of them had their bypass surgeries MANY years ago. Can't help but like that. You guys keep it up.

Congratulations Brenda
by: Glenn in Thailand

Congratulations for getting a new lease on life..Though you have been through a lot recently, due to your life style change (no smoking and other things) soon you will feel better and better...
I too had quadruple bypass a few years ago and now I am doing fine..Crestor has really controlled my cholesterol and with other life style changes I'm probably better than before as far as general health...Good Luck to you and be positive. "Borrow some sunshine from tomorrow if you have a cloudy day today." Thinking Of you ... Glenn from North Carolina but now living in Thailand...

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