A Late Start

by Daria

I am 12 years old. My dad has battled heart disease his whole life. Sadly, he inherited it from his dad, whom I never met. He always had a whole in his heart, but the doctors didn't know until shortly after I was born.

A few years ago, he had more problems. He was in the hospital for three days, with low platelets and 95% clogged arteries. He just barley survived, and is still struggling. If he had known sooner, it wouldn't have been as bad.
I went to a breast cancer rally today, and he was upset that there aren't huge things like that for heart disease. I want to raise awareness because it kills more people then all cancers yearly.
We should support it like we do breast cancer. Please help me, so more people don't have to suffer like my dad does.
I would like to propose a slogan. Since red is the color, how about, "Bread to be red!"

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